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Sanjay Luthra on: What’s next for the European Toy Industry?

This article was published in Toy World Magazine; Este artículo fue publicado en Juguetes; Questo articolo è stato pubblicato nel periodico TG TUTTOGIOCATTOLI ; Cet article est disponible en français; Dieser Artikel ist auf Deutsch verfügbar What’s next for the European Toy Industry? Sanjay Luthra is Managing Director EMEA at Mattel and President of Toy Industries […]

Wie geht es weiter mit der europäischen Spielwarenbranche? Sanjay Luthra, Toy Industries of Europe

Sanjay Luthra ist Managing Director EMEA bei Mattel und Vorsitzender von Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) und verfügt aufgrund seines Werdegangs über langjährige Erfahrung in der Spielwarenbranche. Er war seit 2003 in verschiedenen globalen Positionen für Mattel tätig, ist seit 2018 Vorstandsmitglied und seit April 2019 Vorsitzender von TIE und hat die Organisation als solcher […]

Fact and fiction: Myths and misleading statements about toy safety

Misleading statements and fiction about toy safety are often communicated to the general public. The public must have access to the facts, so that they can make informed decisions about purchasing safe toys for their children. We want to debunk common toy safety myths and provide the public with the facts. To know more read […]

SMEs in the European Toy Sector

Over 99% of the almost 5,000 toy companies in Europe are SMEs, which play a key role in Europe’s economic fabric, particularly in rural areas where most toy companies are located. Approximately 88% of these companies are micro enterprises with less than 10 employees. In the light of these numbers, SMEs’ interests are at the […]

TIE Commitment to Responsible Advertising

Our commitment to responsible advertising. We are proud to design products that help children get the most out of play time.  Our toys can help children learn about themselves, others and the world around them, help them to develop new skills and are a key part of growing up. Like other sectors, we use advertising […]