Toy safety is our members’ number one priority: children need to be safe when playing with their toys.

Rigorous safety processes

Reputable toymakers apply rigorous safety processes to their toys. - A safe toy will withstand a rigorous safety assessment and testing and meet the highest international standards. Toymakers will design the toy with safety in mind, knowing where potential risks need to be countered. They will choose their suppliers carefully and will test materials. Once a prototype is made, it will undergo the necessary safety tests – until the manufacturer is satisfied all the necessary safety requirements are met. Then they will need to ensure that the production process is stable throughout and does not influence any of the safety aspects. Regular extra testing of different batches may be called for. The manufacturer then draws up a declaration of conformity and will add the CE marking to the toy. When asked by the authorities, they will have to produce the declaration of conformity within 30 days.

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