A new deal for standardisation

A new deal for standardisation

Harmonised standards help make sure toys sold in the single market are safe for children to play with and there is a level playing field for business across the EU. That’s why TIE has signed a joint industry statement calling on the EU Commission to ensure a well-run system that guarantees the continued effective development, assessment and use of harmonised standards.

In the statement, TIE joins a cross-sectoral coalition of associations call for a “new deal” for standardization, aimed at strengthening the smooth operation of the Single Market as part of a new industrial strategy for Europe.

As well as underlining the importance of involving business in the standardization process, the coalition also asks that the Commission:

  1. Urgently conduct, as part of the European Union’s industrial strategy, an independent assessment of the interpretation of Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardisation and its impact on users and developers.
  2. Restore efficient mechanisms for the development, assessment and use of relevant, state-of-the-art harmonised standards that respond to market needs and support the application of EU law.
  3. Involve industry and other economic operators as full partners in any discussion on European standardisation policy from inception to implementation.

You can read the full joint industry statement here.