Sustainability has become one of the central areas of focus for the toy industry. The urgent call for more sustainable practices and a keen desire to contribute has pushed manufacturers to develop more sustainable solutions to their products.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen great examples of how toys and toy manufacturers can combine sustainability, safety and fun. Our Play for Change Awards celebrate – through the sustainability category – those companies who are going the extra mile with their efforts in saving the planet. These do not just concern production processes, material choices and recyclability of products. Toys – by their very nature – can teach children about the importance of environmental sustainability, thus helping to raise the next generation with the right mindset.

Issues that we are actively monitoring in the area of sustainability include the revision of the packaging directive, the proposal on eco-design for sustainable products regulation, and the right to repair and empower consumers for the green transition. By working with our members and climate stakeholders, we continue to promote innovative ways to increase sustainability and maintain the quality of toys in the industry.

TIE staff responsible

Lars Vogt

Director EU Policy