Changes to Aniline Limit Values

Today’s changes to the limit value for aniline is a clear example of how the Toy Safety Directive is flexible and can easily adapt to new decisions. Parents can rest assured: the ‘new’ limits for finger paints are the same as those reputable manufacturers have been adhering to since 2014, in compliance with the EN 71-7 standard.  

 The new limit specifically addresses a potential reaction that may occur when certain textile and leather dyes are exposed to skin or saliva over a long period of time. Children come into contact with other textile and leather products – including clothing, shoes and bedsheets – on a much more regular and prolonged basis than toys. With this in mind the REACH regulation would have been a more appropriate way to address concerns about children’s long-term potential exposure to aniline.

As the voice of reputable toy manufacturers, we believe it is vital that toys are safe so children can get the most out of play. Safety is in the DNA of the toys our members make and they comply with all of the EU’s strict rules. However, dishonest operators, who are already cutting corners on safety, are unlikely to pay much attention to rules, whether old or new – this is why proper enforcement is essential.