IMCO Vote a Step Closer to More Effective EU Market Surveillance

As the voice of reputable toy manufacturers in the EU, Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) welcomes the IMCO Committee’s support in improving the EU’s market surveillance system.

Illicit traders who ignore toy safety rules are a serious problem for the reputable toy sector. On top of the danger to children their products can pose, they also hurt the competitiveness of reputable manufacturers who invest time and money into making sure toys are safe. This challenge is magnified by the growth in online sales.

With over 500 different authorities responsible for market surveillance in the EU member states, smooth cooperation and coordination are key to catching those illicit traders who don’t care about children’s safety.

The most effective market surveillance system is one which:

  1. Focuses on suspected rogue traders and real safety risks;
  2. Assists SMEs in need of support;
  3. Avoids unnecessary requirements from authorities which add additional administrative burdens for companies playing by the rules whilst making it more profitable for rogue traders to ignore them.

The vote is a step closer to making EU market surveillance more effective. As discussions move forward, its essential that catching rogue traders is at the heart of any actions and that extra burdens aren’t added for reputable companies in the process.