Joint Industry Position on consumer sorting instructions

TIE has joined a coalition of 40 business associations calling for the Commission to develop an EU harmonised system to provide consumers with understandable and clear sorting instructions for packaging waste.

The proposed system should be based on pairing the pictograms affixed on packaging and on the sorting bins. It should not have colour nor language requirements. Digital solutions could be considered to provide further information, such as country-specific instructions. The so-called Danish pictograms for waste sorting are suggested as possible source of inspiration. However, the paper recommends further reflection and consumer testing to ensure the system can be deployed across the EU.

The joint-paper proposes to turn the upcoming review of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive into an opportunity to set up the requirements for this harmonised system and stop the current proliferation of national labelling requirements and markings.

Joint position EU harmonised consumer sorting instructions_FINAL