Joint industry recommendations on the EU standardisation strategy 

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) has joined 16 other European associations in sharing a set of recommendations on the European Commission’s standardisation strategy.

The new strategy, presented by the Commission in February this year, aims to strengthen Europe’s global competitiveness and to ensure standards support the green and digital transitions.

The signatories support the ambition of taking a more proactive approach towards strategy setting for standards but draw attention to a series of elements that the Commission should take into consideration when implementing this strategy including:

  • the necessity to unconditionally maintain standards development processes that are market-driven and inclusive, with stakeholders in the driving seat
  • the EU should further reinforce its ties in standardisation with key trading partners, and should further promote the participation of European stakeholders in international standardisation activities
  • the European Commission should restore the efficient mechanisms for the development, assessment, and timely revision of relevant, state-of the-art harmonised European standards that respond to market needs and support the application of EU law
  • the use of common or technical specifications, as an alternative to harmonised European standards, should only be possible in exceptional cases
  • the future EU High-Level Forum should be used as a platform to directly involve all stakeholders in standardisation, especially when setting agendas and developing actions

The full joint industry statement is available here: Joint Industry Statement EU Standardisation Strategy.