Packaging labels: European Parliament vote clarifies but also confuses

In yesterday’s vote, the European Parliament acknowledged the benefits of a clear EU-wide waste-sorting label for consumers and companies. This is something TIE has long pleaded for. On the other hand, Parliament also gives EU countries a free hand on labelling for packaging recycling schemes.

These schemes involve manufacturers and member states. A label on these schemes would solely indicate that companies comply and have fulfilled their financial obligations for the collection, disposal, and recycling of their packaging.

Such a label is non-essential and confusing information for consumers and a hassle for toy companies. If all countries opt for it, it will result in 27 labels that toy manufacturers will have to display on their packaging. This will lead to larger packaging and more waste. Information and labelling that is not relevant for consumers should be presented digitally to avoid consumer confusion, ease business, and strengthen the Single Market. TIE remains hopeful that the European institutions will address this in the final text.

Read our position paper here.