TIE Position on the Proposal for a new Toy Safety Regulation

Toys in Europe are safe, new rules must not risk changing that.

The world is a better place with safe, affordable and fun toys. Toys fire the imagination and improve cognitive and motor skills. Toys play a vital role in play, which is so essential to children. As the makers of such tools for play, our members have always prioritized safety.

TIE is keen to contribute to the development of the EU’s newest safety rules. After careful consideration of the proposal, we would like to share our initial worries about the proposal.

  1. The proposal misses the opportunity to really tackle the main source of unsafe toys on the EU market at the moment
  2. The proposal steers away from a safety-first approach to a more ideologic approach and even unrealistic and discriminatory approach. It could instead lead to safe toys being banned or becoming more expensive due to extra costs and bureaucracy.
  3. The proposal for a Digital Product Passport needs improvement. It is impractical and could harm reputable businesses. It will not offer a solution to the unsafe toys on the EU market;
  4. The proposal contains timelines that are completely unrealistic. This urgency makes no sense as the TSD is a solid basis we are starting from and compliant toys currently on the market are very safe

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