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#PlayShapes campaign materials

In the run up to Universal Children’s Day 2016 (20 November), Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) is launching the #PlayShapes campaign to raise awareness of the importance of play in childhood for every child. Below you can find the campaign visuals. Twitter visuals – download here  Facebook visuals – download here

A history of play and toys

Toys are an important ingredient of play and are therefore invaluable for children’s physical, mental, social and emotional development. Although play differs from culture to culture and generation to generation, it is clearly an instinctive, essential part of growing up. Anthropologists have found evidence of toys dating as far back as there is a record […]

Sign up to our Blog on the Importance of Play

You can read what the experts think about the importance of play here on TIE’s dedicated blog. The blog has been active since 2013, and collects together the opinion’s of experts on children’s rights, development, education and wealth of other play related subjects. Click here to sign up to receive future blog posts by email. […]

The Importance of Play Report

Dr David Whitebread, from the University of Cambridge, carried out a literature review on behalf of TIE about the value of children’s play, including a series of policy recommendations. The full report can be downloaded through this link.

National Play Initiatives

TIE’s association members invest resources in promoting how important play is at the national level. UK: ‘Make Time to Play’ In 2010, the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) launched its ‘Make Time to Play’ campaign in association with Play England, a national charity that campaigns for children to have more opportunities to play throughout childhood. […]