European Commission TSD Evaluation & Report

The European Commission has published its evaluation of the EU Toy Safety Directive (TSD), claiming its effectiveness is deficient in several points, in particular on chemicals. TIE does not agree with the Commission’s evaluation when it concludes that the current Directive tolerates the presence of some chemicals (notably CMRs) in concentrations that are too high to protect children’s health. Despite asking for further evidence to substantiate this claim, we have never seen any examples where toys that comply with the Directive would put children’s health at risk. Like many other consumer products, toy materials may contain residues of chemical substances but the child’s exposure to these residues is more important than the fact they may be present.

Links to the final report and the executive summary.

The European Commission’s report : Evaluation of the benefits and the costs generated by the Toy Safety Directive: a supply side analysis, provides a quantitative analysis of the Toy Safety Directive’s effect on the supply of toys in the EU territory. It can be accessed here.