SMEs in the European Toy Sector

Over 99% of the almost 5,000 toy companies in Europe are SMEs, which play a key role in Europe’s economic fabric, particularly in rural areas where most toy companies are located. Approximately 88% of these companies are micro enterprises with less than 10 employees.

In the light of these numbers, SMEs’ interests are at the forefront of Toy Industries of Europe (TIE)’s work. In 2013 and 2014, TIE carried out an educational campaign throughout Europe and beyond to ensure that the industry – small and medium enterprises in particular – can comply with the Toy Safety Directive. Although toy safety requirements brought significant burdens such as increased testing and administrative costs, the whole sector takes its responsibility seriously in order to ensure compliance.

With the aim to give voice to SMEs in the toy sector, in 2014 and 2015, TIE has meet small and medium companies across Europe to discover successful business realities and better understand strengths and threats of this sector from the inside.

Below you can find out more about 17 SMEs in the markets covered by TIE.


SME Case Studies


  • Jouets Ecoiffier: Generations of play (EN, FR)


  • Heless GmbH: Combining tradition with innovation (EN, DE)
  • Selecta Spielzeug: Faith in wooden toys (EN, DE)

United Kingdom

  • Fiesta Crafts: A niche player (EN)
  • Worlds Apart: Flying High (EN)


  • Milaniwood: Family devotion to wood (EN , IT)
  • Quercetti: From Italy to the world (EN, IT)


  • Hemar: High-tech toy trucks (EN, PL)
  • Wader-Wozniak: Driving creativity (EN, PL)


  • Educa Borras: Putting the pieces together (EN, ES)
  • Injusa: A family passion for wheels (EN, ES)


  • Brio: Over 130 years of expertise in wood (EN , SE)
  • Krabat: Living from hobby (EN, SE)


  • Malte Haaning Plastic A/S: Expertise leads to beads (EN , DK)
  • Imagetoys: From the drawing board to the playroom (EN , DK)

The Netherlands

  • Goliath Bv: An instinctive feeling for board games (EN, NL)
  • SES Creative: Innovative thinking (EN, NL)