TIE Position on revision of EU packaging rules

Brussels, March 2023

When done right, the revision of the EU’s packaging rules can lead to less waste, boost the use of more sustainable materials in packaging and help companies to benefit from the Single Market.

To ensure that the revision achieves this, we recommend that the new rules:

1. Restore the Single Market and avoid any further fragmentation.

An EU-wide label for sorting will benefit the Single Market and lead to less waste. However, any possible national labelling obligations related to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes on packaging (e.g. Green Dot, TRIMAN) will undermine this.

2. Put safety first.

Any packaging minimisation requirements under the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) must not jeopardise toy safety and must align with the Toy Safety Directive.

3. Set feasible, tailor-made reuse targets for transport packaging.

These should take into account the impact on the environment and the supply chain, especially for multinational toy producers with decentralised supply chains.

4. Propose realistic recycled content targets based on availability, quality, technical feasibility and cost of recycled plastics.

To read TIE’s full position, click here.