Toy Industries of Europe positive about EU packaging sorting label

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament proposed today an EU sorting label in the form of a pictogram that should put an end to the numerous and often contradictory national labelling initiatives we have seen in the past years.

The common sorting label will have a positive impact on the environment and will benefit consumers and businesses alike. It will make it easier for consumers to know how to dispose of packaging and will help companies avoid using larger packaging with different national logos and instructions.

Removing the option for countries to add more labelling rules will also contribute to a stronger and greener EU single market.

Going forward, our recommendations are:

  1. No national labelling before new rules: Member States should refrain from applying national labelling requirements during the transition period
  2. Prevent further single market fragmentation by upholding the choice of a Regulation and internal market basis. Without this, toys will need different packaging for different Member States.
  3. Tailor reuse targets for transport packaging: reuse targets for transport packaging should be flexible and evidence-driven. The effectiveness of reuse varies depending on the different types of transport packaging and business models. For instance, while pallets might be suitable for reuse, pallet wraps or straps for stabilisation may be more effectively recycled, particularly if they become ineffective after a single use.
  4. Put safety first. Any packaging rule changes must not jeopardise toy safety
  5. Base recycled targets on practical factors such as availability, quality, technical feasibility and cost of recycled plastics.

Read our position paper.