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Joint position paper on removability and replaceability of portable batteries

As the European Parliament is preparing to define its position on the Batteries Regulation proposal, TIE together with 10 European associations are sharing their recommendations for a safe battery replaceability. The associations support the European Commission proposal to enable battery replaceability as a way to extend the durability of electrical products and to promote circularity. […]

TIE regrets European Parliament’s failure to improve the Digital Services Act

The European Parliament’s position on the Digital Services Act (DSA) adopted in Plenary this week fails to bring the much-needed improvements and fails to protect European consumers against illegal and often dangerous toys. Third-party sellers using online intermediaries can therefore continue to be active on the EU market without complying with the same standards and […]

Joint Industry Position on consumer sorting instructions

TIE has joined a coalition of 40 business associations calling for the Commission to develop an EU harmonised system to provide consumers with understandable and clear sorting instructions for packaging waste. The proposed system should be based on pairing the pictograms affixed on packaging and on the sorting bins. It should not have colour nor […]

EP IMCO does not keep promise to make what is illegal offline also illegal online. EP Plenary has the chance to rectify this!

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE), the voice of reputable toy manufacturers in Europe, regrets the European Parliament (EP) Internal Market & Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee’s conclusions on the Digital Services Act (DSA). The Committee chose not to use this opportunity to take a significant leap forward in terms of protection of EU consumers and the fight […]

Europol campaign against counterfeit toys

Europol have launched a one-month communications campaign on illicit toys. Their objective is to raise awareness of the danger of illicit toys and educate consumers to recognise them. Their guide on how to recognise fake and hazardous toys can be accessed here.

Joint Statement on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

25 business, consumer and civil society organisations, including TIE, have released a joint statement outlining their concerns regarding the development of the Digital Services Act. Certain draft amendments considered by the European Parliament exclude key platform services and risk harming consumers and businesses, particularly offline SMEs. For details, see: 20211203 DSA joint industry-consumer-NGO statement

TIE welcomes the Delegated Act on cybersecurity requirements

Toy Industries of Europe broadly welcomes the Delegated Act to the Radio Equipment Directive.  It sets clear requirements on cybersecurity for connected toys and should make it easier to remove sub-standard products when they are found.  We can only welcome this improvement for reputable businesses. The toy sector is always looking for new ways to […]

Recommendations for Better Regulation

With 23  industry groups, TIE has made recommendations to further improve the European policy-making process in the context of the busy policy agenda and ahead of crucial upcoming policy initiatives The suggestions include: Evidence-based policy making Sufficient time and resources to be allocated at all phases of the decision-making process Consultations that involve expert input […]

TIE calls for an ambitious Digital Services Act (DSA) to tackle illegal activities and rogue traders

TIE has joined a 30-strong lobby platform from a multitude of organisations representing industry, retailers, consumers as well as civil society.  All are calling for the Digital Services Act to introduce effective and unambiguous rules against online illegal activities and rogue traders. The DSA should clearly define strong conditions for liability exemptions, otherwise issue-specific regulations […]