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Response to media coverage on the safety of squishy toys

As the voice of reputable toy manufacturers in the EU, we take any questions raised about toy safety seriously and make sure that the sector responds effectively when needed. There have been some recent media reports that the authorities have banned squishy toys in Denmark. This is incorrect. Concerns were raised by the Danish authorities […]

Creating Safe Spaces for Youth to Play

International Youth Day acknowledges the challenges faced by young people around the world, and the need to provide them with “safe spaces” where they can flourish and grow. These “safe spaces” are vital for development and wellbeing, covering both physical spaces, and the digital environment. In them, young people can safely and healthily engage with […]

Happy SME Day to the Toy Sector’s Smaller Manufacturers

Today, on World SME Day, we want to give a shout-out to all the small businesses involved in bringing play to children across the EU! Small and medium sized companies are a big part of the reputable toy sector. Over 5000 small toy companies are indirectly members of TIE; SMEs represent 99% of toy manufacturers […]

Fighting the Fakes on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2018

Today marks World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. Fake and copy-cat toys are not only a challenge for the reputable toy sector, but can endanger children’s safety. In the fight against counterfeiters, strong, smart and effective market surveillance is essential. It protects companies who play by the rules and keeps fake toys away from playtime. The EU toy […]

TIE Tells ECHA the (not so Secret) Recipe for Safe Toys

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) Director-General Catherine van Reeth highlighted the importance of smart market surveillance and enforcement in the European Chemical Agency’s (ECHA) May newsletter. The article discussed why smart, and effective market surveillance and enforcement was required to deal with rogue traders and help create an equal playing ground for legitimate companies. It […]

Effective Market Surveillance Keeps Unsafe Toys out of Children’s Hands

The 2017 Rapid Alert System results are an important reminder of how effective market surveillance helps to make sure toys in the EU are safe for children to play with. Reputable companies take great care to build safety into their toys. They invest time and resources into making sure that their toys comply with the […]

The Business Behind the Magic of Play

Play is about imagining the possibilities. It’s about creating and exploring, succeeding and failing and, above all, it’s about having fun! Play is the lens through which children experience their world and has a proven positive impact on children’s development, health and well-being. Everybody knows that children can, and will, play with almost anything. However, […]

Vulnerability of Toys to Counterfeiting Highlighted in Joint OECD/EUIPO Study

Toys were identified as a sector that is particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting in the first joint report of the EU intellectual property office (EUIPO) and the OECD. The study was released at the IP Enforcement Summit, which took place in Berlin in June 2017. It found China to be the main producing economy of fake […]

Strong Market Surveillance Helps Children Play Safe

Brussels: Effective and well enforced market surveillance is key to catching companies who don’t play by the rules. The publication of the 2016 Rapid Alert System Statistics by the European Commission highlights the importance of an effective and well enforced market surveillance system to catch disreputable companies who avoid implementing the rules. The reputable toy […]